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HGV Operator Compliance Audit

HGV Compliance gives operators peace of mind, we can come to your business and provide an audit of your systems and protocols. We have experienced staff working for us who have worked for large and small businesses, therefore giving you practical advice on each step. This will give you as a business a way of checking how your systems and procedures are working against the legal undertakings you have agreed to with your operator license. Once completed we will provide you with a report, highlighting areas that have fallen short.

We will then work with you to ensure there is a plan in place to raise your compliance again. This can be done as a single project, an annual/scheduled visit or as part of ongoing project work. We work closely with Steve Hale Transport Consultancy to ensure we give a complete service utilising extensive knowledge and experience in your sector.

Steve Hale Transport Consultancy is a leading FORS practitioner and approved auditor. Working together makes our offering to both our clients stronger!

HGV Compliance How It Works

We will look to review numerous areas of the business, breaking them down into smaller subjects to help provide clarity

The Operator License

  • Details of the license
  • Type of license
  • Conditions and Undertakings attached
  • Vehicle Inspections intervals


  • Review your maintenance agreements.
  • Defect Systems
  • Rectification Reports
  • Brake Testing

EU Tacho & WTD

  • How do you analyse the records?
  • Infringement procedures

Driving License & CPC

  • Schedule of License checks
  • Training plans


  • Check all business Insurance categories.

Health & Safety

  • What does the business have?
  • Does it cover all business activities?