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A Driver management Portal offering a completely paperless connection between office and driver via an encrypted website Portal. Ideal for transport and operator managers to record all their drivers’ hours. Able to log any problems as well as making rota planning with drivers easier to create and maintain. This system allows the operator to have a better and clearer agreements with the drivers.

Digital timesheets create huge time savings, reduce costly errors and increase security

By digitising timesheets we have helped operators to dramatically improve their internal processes, dramatically reducing the time taken to review and processes drivers wages

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Turning the spreadsheet into a digital format.

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Conected Team Features

Increased security.

Drivers submit their timesheets digitally, capturing receipts as they go. All timesheets are stored digitally, where access can be controlled and centrally managed.

Automatic tachograph verification.

With hours submitted digitally they can be automatically correlated against the tacho data, flagging ones that require more attention.

Making your data work for you.

Data analysis Build in further bespoke checks across lead-in and lead-out times at different sites, cross checking telematic location data and more.

Cost per shift analysis and control.

The system allows you to look at the cost of each shift per driver, you have the ability to input the rate for each driver which will then allow you to view the cost of the driver.

Driver Agency timesheet sign off.

Using the Connected team platform you can sign off agency driver timesheets and create invoices or purchase orders, streamlining the your process and lowering costs.