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HIPPO Waste Management is a nationwide waste removal firm. They offer a variety of services including HIPPOBAGs, Man and Van, and Skip Hire. Revolutionizing the UK waste industry over 15 years ago HIPPOWASTE offers a skip bag that can be filled with pretty much all items.

The HIPPOBAG is dropped off, filled by the customer, and then after a collection time is agreed upon, the rubbish is removed and trans-ported to a waste transfer facility in a quick, cost-effective and convenient manner.

Prior to the call for help, HIPPO had an outdated paper system that was used to track their growing fleet. Experiencing issues with digital downloads for a long period of time, the company needed a solution.

After a meeting with the team, we took over the maintenance of their existing download hardware and provided alternative options for the units that needed replacement. As part of this, we then installed our Compliance package. With extensive support from our team, we delivered the setup and training required for the customer to fully utilize the system. HIPPO faced a few challenges before they reached out to us, one being digital downloads as previously stated but also driver infringement management.


“The team set the system up while we could get on with our roles as normal to allow for a smooth intergration”

Gail Clayton
Compliance Manager

The old system was that the infringement would be received at the office, printed off, then a manager would have to travel across the country to hold a meeting with the driver to talk through the infringement and get a signature of receipt. This was a timely and costly way of operating. However, with the use of Convey, we have managed to streamline and make most of these old systems paperless. The infringement would now come through the online system and the manager and driver could see it from both ends, meaning meetings and signatures could therefore be moved online.

To summarise, the key items we have managed to do for them, which show the positive return on investment into our system, are as followed. We reduced the amount of paperwork and online spread- sheets that are needed to operate, reduced the travel times manage-ment faced to deal with infringements, given drivers the ability to access data such as infringement and tacho data using the driver app, as well as maintained the existing equipment to avoid unnecessarily costly replacements.

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