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AK Group based in Brigg, provide complete end to end services for the Potato market, from Growing, Storage, Grading, Marketing and Transport. Running their own fleet and utilising dedicated sub-contractors for peak volumes to ensure that their customers have a complete service from field to fork!

AK contacted Hummingbird Logistic Services for support to help manage their fleet due to unplanned staff shortages. The call came on a Friday lunchtime, through a few calls to understand their requirements, on the Monday morning we were on site ready to help support the Management with the operation for a few days.


“This has been the easiest install and process I have ever done. Its great!”


“The systems look easy to use and tells me exactly where I need to focus. This will save me a lot of time and we will be able to run reports for what we have done when we need it.”


As part of the job brief, we helped run the operation across several days, at the same time we were asked to review how they manage the office and communication including to the drivers and customers. As part of this we mapped out the processes they have, highlighted areas that were a risk to the business and ensured we picked up on areas we could reduce lost stock and double entry of data Part of the challenge of transporting the potatoes is the need to manage the bins they are transported in as well as the potatoes. The deliveries were often from and to individual farms which can all have their own stock of bins which would need collecting and returning later, sometimes a week after the initial delivery.

During the process, we engaged with selected providers of TMS software and profiled out the options, including importantly where the ROI would come from. At the end of the initial visit, we presented the options for new software, but also areas where their incumbent software could be better utilised. We then worked with the selected provider and delivered the setup and training to the team within AKP. This was done in 2 stages to ensure that the training could be topped after the go live date. During this phase, we also worked with the incumbent suppliers to increase the utilisation of their systerns. When we finished with AKP at the end we left them with new systems working stat trained and more efficient business including greater visibility from Field to Fork for everyone involved in the complete end to end service they provide

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