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TfL have upgraded their standard on what additional equipment HGV vehicles which are rated over 12T, will be required to have fitted on their vehicles from 28th October 2024.  Any vehicle that does not meet the new minimum requirement of 3 Star will require an update on equipment. The biggest area of change is the requirement to fit a Progressive Safe System. 


be fitted to each vehicle by a certified technician and have a certificate of conformity for the products used

1. Camera monitoring system fitted to the vehicle nearside

2. Class V and VI mirrors

3. Blind spot information system (BSIS) fitted to nearside of the vehicle.

4. Moving off information system (MOIS) fitted to the front of the vehicle.

5. Side under-run protection on both sides of the vehicle

6. Audible left turn warning

7. Prominent visual warning sticker on the rear of the vehicle

The PSS is made up from 2 separate parts

  1. BSIS
    1. Blind Spot Information Systems
    2. This device looks down the side of the vehicle for Vulnerable Road Users


  1. MOIS
    1. Moving Off Information Systems
    2. This device looks directly in front of the vehicle for Vulnerable Road Users

The benefits of using this solution include

  • Dynamic upgrade from current systems, if the current system is fully functional, we can simply fit the radar to the vehicle and the vehicle will meet the new standard.


  • Utilises fewer connections within the loom, which will provide better protection during the systems lifespan on a vehicle.


  • The devices are mounted in areas of less chance of damage to the sensors compared to the previous systems on the market.


  • Does not require any other camera system to be changed as part of the upgrade, reducing costs.


Hummingbird have made sure that our solution meets the requirements of the DVS standard through independent verified testing by the AVI. It has been independently tested and certified. We believe that to move the industry forward we must ensure that each part of the supply chain should make sure it has met and continues to meet the required certified standards.

At Hummingbird with ISO 9001 quality standard, we believe this is a benchmark that should be maintained.