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INFLOW Inventory System


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Inventory and Order Management Software

inFlow is an all in one inventory and order management software with customers in almost 100 countries worldwide. It’s the central hub for any business that manages physical products with 96 integrations for ecommerce, accounting and more. It works in countless industries, it’ll work wonders for you too. You can easily track inventory and stock levels, set reorder points, set up a complete barcoding system and take care of all your orders including purchase and sales orders. 

You’ll also be able to easily create invoices, ship products, and easily crunch numbers with reporting. Customers are based in wholesale, ecommerce, retail or manufacturing. inFlow manages inventory and orders from all channels such as Shopify, Squarespace, Amazon FBA and more. You can also instantly set up multiple business to business showrooms for direct ordering.

inFlow Features

Easy setup.

Easily set up a complete barcode system and generate and print barcodes 

Smart reorder points.

Set up smart reorder points by location to make sure you never run out of stock 

iOS and Android.

iOS and Android apps for selling on the go, picking, transferring stock and more 

inFlow Showroom.

Unique inFlow showroom feature  allowing you to create custom shopping experiences (including inventory and price) for every single customer 

What makes it unique?

Being in business for over 15 years means we know every single small business is different. We’re able to handle almost all workflows while still maintaining a beautiful user experience. Typical enterprise-level inventory systems are complicated and costly while inFlow, on the other hand, has the right balance of powerful inventory needs along with a simple interface to manage it all.