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ANET360 Driver Training

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anet360 HGV Driver Training

anet360 is an affordable, tech-enabled solution to delivering demonstrably engaging training. 

It is a proven solution to delivering impactful driver training in road safety, delivering hundreds of successful sessions to date.

With just a smartphone and a mobile VR headset, anet360 HGV Training empowers trainers to deliver a blended learning program that accelerates content absorption for participants.

anet360 was inspired by a passion to safeguard London’s most vulnerable road users and was designed in consultation with professional drivers and road safety experts. anet360’s sophisticated application of VR heightens learners’ awareness of road hazards for vulnerable road users.

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ANET360 Driver Training Features

Truly immersive.

anet360 delivers truly immersive experiences through the application of VR & AR

Enhanced safety training.

anet360’s software enhances safety training, using advanced VR techniques to accelerate content absorption. The platform offers a far simpler, more engaging, interactive and more cost-efficient approach to training delivery.

Plug and play.

With anet360, there’s no need to buy extra hardware or software, giving you a plug and play solution that integrates seamlessly with your own training program.

We guarantee you the anet360 way is better, faster and delivers higher results – our software will generate data that shows you just how.

If this sounds of interest to you and your business, why not contact us and we can arrange for a demo of the training system.